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So every comic book fan eventually finds themselves drawn into the Marvel V. DC debate which is better and with both moving into television and movies competing for viewers in  the same genre.

But this post focuses on the television side of things.

On the DC side we have Gotham, the Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

On the Marvel Side we have Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agent Carter and soon Luke Cage.

All of the series are good (or at least were somewhat decent at one point see: Confession Time: AOS)  and they all had things they did well and things that they didn’t do well (*cough* AOS *cough*).

Despite my distaste for AOS I fall firmly on the Marvel side of the overall debate because of the well written, flawed characters that feel real when you watch them like Jessica Jones and her struggles with PTSD and alcoholism.

But on the DC side of things you have shows like Supergirl (have you seen the new trailer!) which while cheesy at times and prone to ignoring the flaws in their characters because they are the ‘Good Guys’ produce consistently good story lines and keep the timeline and plot points consistent through out the the entirety of their television universe.

If we are only looking at the TV side of things then DC does things better but if you’re looking overall I am definitely on the side of Marvel.