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I’m in my last year of university and soon I’ll have to go out in to the world and make a life for myself, lets be honest that is completely terrifying for a lot of people, I know it is for me. Knowing that it’s coming is making me rethink how I live my life.

I am on a journey of self improvement and a quest for inner peace.

What am I doing on my journey for self-improvement?

  • While I’m not cutting out all the foods I love (Pizzzzzzza!) I am swapping out unhealthy snacks, like a bag of chips for healthy ones like apples, celery and carrots. Basically, I’m going back to basics with my diet.
  • I downloaded a workout out app called 30 day fitness challenge which I’m going to start making my way through.
  • I am making time to meditate instead of putting it off because I’m busy or tired or I can’t be bothered.

My quest for inner peace is a tad more complicated.

As some of you may know I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager and while I’m fairly good at managing it I still have the occasional slump where the demons in my head, the ones that tell me that I’ll never be good enough or that no one cares or that I’m less than useless, get to hard to ignore.

For me inner peace means many things but it primarily means being happy with being myself. It means acknowledging that the demon’s in my head are there but refusing to let them have power over me, it means fighting them every step of the way and refusing to let them stop me from seeing my own self-worth.

Which is harder than it sounds but I believe with every part of me that it’s going to be worth it both now and throughout my entire life.

So I leave you with this:


and with my best wishes for all of you!

Take care of yourselves!