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It is Illegal.

I just want to start this by saying that in the real world being a vigilante and dispensing vigilante justice is illegal but it is essentially the point of superheroes like Spider-man and Batman.

Extraordinary people(or Beings) using their gifts to do good things and fight crime and corruption is the very foundation of super-heroism.

But is it right? I know i’m trying to apply real world philosophies and logic to comic books and superheroes and that it’s probably doomed to fail but bear with me would you.

If a police officer shots someone in the line of duty they go through all kinds of processes afterwards like hearings, investigations and mandated psychiatric sessions to make sure that what they did was justified in the context that it happened in.

Superheroes don’t have that. they just go around beat up people they perceive to be ‘Bad Guys’ uncaring if they’re a mugger or a super powered individual with a mental condition like schizophrenia or disassociate identity disorder (like the Green Goblin) and they have no one to police them or provide oversight and whenever someone tries to introduce oversight such as in the movie Captain America: Civil War (Captain America: Civil War) or in the comic books they are vilified.

The police before they raid say, a drug den investigate do prep work and put together a plan to minimize injury and risk. Superheroes bust in, trash stuff beat up the ‘Bad Guys’ and swan off.

Police stay to deal with the clean up, collect any evidence in order to build their case and do any paperwork that needs to be done to send the ‘Bad Guys’ to jail.

So is what superheroes portrayed as doing (as laid out above) right?