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X-men Apocalypse was released in Australia yesterday and being the geek I am I went and bought it.

Today I watched it. Full disclosure I am an avid fan of the current X-Men trilogy that began with X-Men First Class, oh they have their problems like all movies and television shows but they are a lot better than the last trilogy of X-Men movies (Last Stand never happened).

But I wanted to post some of my thoughts on the movie.

First Kurt Wagner is adorable! seriously I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

The actress who plays Storm is stunningly gorgeous (my mother was the one to point that out) and Storm in general was awesome.

They kept Psylocke’s costume (insert happy dance here)!

For a terrorist Magneto sure has got a lot of children running around the place.

I can’t believe they killed Alex! (but is he really dead?)

Professor X’s hair game was on point until he lost it then he just looked weird.


These are just some of my favorite thoughts because the whole movie was brilliant and I absolutely loved it.