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So for those of you who haven’ heard about it, yesterday there was a deadly gas attack allegedly carried out by “forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” (Reuters). The Attack killed more than 50 people (ABC) including children.

As a rule, I try not to actively involve myself in conversations that have a heavy political presence surrounding them. I find that expressing an opinion in these sorts of conversations tends to attract a range of reactions and I don’t particularly care to be abused on the internet for sharing my opinion. A situation like this, where there has been a loss of life, where people are being hurt because everybody is trying to stay out of it, is something that we all need to talk about.

What is happening in Syria may seem like it’s worlds away to people in the ‘Western World’ outside of terrorist attacks on ‘Western’ soil but the Syrian conflict isn’t a solely middle eastern problem it is a global problem and a problem from those of us that consider all people no matter who they are, where they come from or what they believe to be people.

This may have begun as a political or religious conflict but now it is a conflict for all humanity. Governments who are turning refugees and asylum seekers away when they have the space and resources to help and the deportation and immigration ban in the U.S. are not the kind of government initiatives and decisions I want any part in.

As People, as Global Citizens, as Human Beings we have a responsibility to reach out and help those who need it not because it in some way benefits us but because we can help and because they need it. Refusing to do so makes us just as bad as the people that they need help to get away from.

So all my love and best wishes to those who have lost someone or has been injured or run out of their homes because of this conflict.

Much Love and remember to take care,

Sarah L.