Secrets of Luke Cage


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Found this really great podcast and fans of Luke Cage should check it out.


X-Men Apocalypse Review


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X-men Apocalypse was released in Australia yesterday and being the geek I am I went and bought it.

Today I watched it. Full disclosure I am an avid fan of the current X-Men trilogy that began with X-Men First Class, oh they have their problems like all movies and television shows but they are a lot better than the last trilogy of X-Men movies (Last Stand never happened).

But I wanted to post some of my thoughts on the movie.

First Kurt Wagner is adorable! seriously I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

The actress who plays Storm is stunningly gorgeous (my mother was the one to point that out) and Storm in general was awesome.

They kept Psylocke’s costume (insert happy dance here)!

For a terrorist Magneto sure has got a lot of children running around the place.

I can’t believe they killed Alex! (but is he really dead?)

Professor X’s hair game was on point until he lost it then he just looked weird.


These are just some of my favorite thoughts because the whole movie was brilliant and I absolutely loved it.

Marvel VS DC : Television


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So every comic book fan eventually finds themselves drawn into the Marvel V. DC debate which is better and with both moving into television and movies competing for viewers in  the same genre.

But this post focuses on the television side of things.

On the DC side we have Gotham, the Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

On the Marvel Side we have Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agent Carter and soon Luke Cage.

All of the series are good (or at least were somewhat decent at one point see: Confession Time: AOS)  and they all had things they did well and things that they didn’t do well (*cough* AOS *cough*).

Despite my distaste for AOS I fall firmly on the Marvel side of the overall debate because of the well written, flawed characters that feel real when you watch them like Jessica Jones and her struggles with PTSD and alcoholism.

But on the DC side of things you have shows like Supergirl (have you seen the new trailer!) which while cheesy at times and prone to ignoring the flaws in their characters because they are the ‘Good Guys’ produce consistently good story lines and keep the timeline and plot points consistent through out the the entirety of their television universe.

If we are only looking at the TV side of things then DC does things better but if you’re looking overall I am definitely on the side of Marvel.

Vigilantism: Right or Wrong?


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It is Illegal.

I just want to start this by saying that in the real world being a vigilante and dispensing vigilante justice is illegal but it is essentially the point of superheroes like Spider-man and Batman.

Extraordinary people(or Beings) using their gifts to do good things and fight crime and corruption is the very foundation of super-heroism.

But is it right? I know i’m trying to apply real world philosophies and logic to comic books and superheroes and that it’s probably doomed to fail but bear with me would you.

If a police officer shots someone in the line of duty they go through all kinds of processes afterwards like hearings, investigations and mandated psychiatric sessions to make sure that what they did was justified in the context that it happened in.

Superheroes don’t have that. they just go around beat up people they perceive to be ‘Bad Guys’ uncaring if they’re a mugger or a super powered individual with a mental condition like schizophrenia or disassociate identity disorder (like the Green Goblin) and they have no one to police them or provide oversight and whenever someone tries to introduce oversight such as in the movie Captain America: Civil War (Captain America: Civil War) or in the comic books they are vilified.

The police before they raid say, a drug den investigate do prep work and put together a plan to minimize injury and risk. Superheroes bust in, trash stuff beat up the ‘Bad Guys’ and swan off.

Police stay to deal with the clean up, collect any evidence in order to build their case and do any paperwork that needs to be done to send the ‘Bad Guys’ to jail.

So is what superheroes portrayed as doing (as laid out above) right?


The Flash: Ethics of Time-Travel


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Anyone who watches The Flash or reads DC comics knows that the Flash, be it the Barry Allen version or a different one, has the ability to time travel if he runs fast enough (or using the cosmic treadmill). Now I think time travel is a neat ability but with what happened at the end of season 2 of The Flash(CW) and with Flash-point or at least the shows version of it being apart of the upcoming season 3 (airing OCT 5 in USA) I’ve been thinking just as I did at the end of season 2 about the ethics involved in one person deciding to go back in time and change a single event that causes the time period they originally can from to be radically different even if only for them personally.

I mean Barry made the conscious decision to change what was a key defining moment in his past that was the foundation of most of what came afterwards but in doing so he didn’t just change his life he changed the lives of everyone he interacted with from that moment forwards and my main question is what gives him the right to make that decision for everyone around him?

What is going to do if someone he cares for is in a bad situation because of his timeline tampering? go back and change things all over again, at what point does he become as bad as the supposed ‘Bad Guys’?

How long until it gets to the point that changing time becomes his go to way of solving a problem?

I know that Barry Allen is a good person (at least he’s written that way) but even so called good people are susceptible to the temptation of power and time travel is a very powerful ability. I hope someone brings up the issues involved in what he did maybe yells at him a bit in season 3 because there are a lot of potentially bad paths someone with the ability to time travel can end up walking.

Just my 2 cents but if anybody wants to comment and leave theiir own view of things they’re welcome to.


Agents of SHIELD 4×01


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So this evening not even 20 minutes ago I just finished watching the season four premiere of Agents of SHIELD which I swore to stop watching but I was suckered into watching tonight’s episode by my brother and so I thought I would post my thoughts on the episode.

Firstly Daisy/Skye/Quake whatever her name is these days looks terrible and she needs to fix her eyeliner like STAT.

Second the Ghost Rider looks kind of badass and I hope he actually turns out to be one and that AOS doesn’t screw him up and waste the potential the character has.

Yo-Yo is pretty awesome. I like her.

Fitz and Radcliffe are building/ working on a an hot female robot who made her first appearance naked (really writers? really).

I still don’t like Simmons.

Melinda May is still a BAMF.

Coulson is better than he was last time I watched and I may even like him again one day (maybe).

Mack’s muscles are as big as my head I swear.

This Ghost Sickness thing seems interesting.

Overall somewhat decent but not really enough to hold my attention just yet but we will see where this goes.

Unpopular Opinion: Captain America


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So Captain America has been a beloved comic book character since his introduction in March of 1941.

So when I first encountered Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger I didn’t expect to actively dislike the character, a dislike that grew with each new appearance on the big screen and in the comics.

I found Steve Rogers to be somewhat tolerable in Captain America: The First Avenger but over the course of his development within the Marvel Cinematic Universe I came to find him self-righteous, sanctimonious and unwilling to see other points of view. This perspective of him was cemented with the recent Captain America: Civil War movie in which Steve Rogers decided he knew better than the UN and all the countries involved and refused to even consider that he was wrong or that there were other ways of going about expressing his point of view.

One of my major peeves with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is they never address they fact that a man dressed like the american flag bearing the name Captain AMERICA just crosses into foreign countries without permission from said country and trashes their property and at times cause injury to the citizens of that country and never has to answer for those trespasses.

So I can say definitively that I can not stand Captain America.


Confession Time: AOS


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Okay so back in 2013 when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (AOS) first aired I was so hyped to watch. I had loved the character of Phil Coulson in the cinematic universe and I was so upset that he died in The Avengers.

Fast forward to September 2016 and the soon to be airing forth season of AOS and I haven’t actually watched more than an episode or two of the third season because after the second season I was just so very done with the show and the way I saw the story-lines heading despite the negative reactions many of the story lines were getting online and in the fandom.

The few episodes of season 3 I did see did not in anyway endear the show to me. It seems like the characters suddenly forgot that there were things like laws, morals and ethical ways of operating and yes they’re spies but that doesn’t excuse some of the things they did.

I have problems with the team doing some of the things they do and then declaring themselves the ‘good guys’ when at times their actions are more comparable to ‘bad guys’.

So I have stopped watching AOS until the writers get their acts together. That said I think the actors do a great job with the material they’re given.

Captain America: Civil War


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Okay so if you were on the right parts of the internet around the time Captain America:Civil War came out then you were likely drawn into the team cap and team iron man debate, who was right and who was wrong?

Now I don’t know how many of you know about the civil war comic arc but I personally was a huge fan and then and now I’m team Iron Man.

But the Civil War story line was supposed to be about the politics surrounding super-humans and superheroes which wasn’t shown well in the movie due to the translation from comic to screen. I do love that the comic books explored the political side though because alien invasions and homicidal robots are entertaining but who pays for the property damage? who has to answer for the civilian causalities that occur? do superheroes have to respect sovereign borders and international law?

It’s fascinating to see these things addressed and to see how the writers and producers world-build in this new cinematic universe.

That said I felt that instead of being about the ideologies and philosophies surrounding the politics the movie ended up being about Captain America putting his best friend who had spent 70 years as a brainwashed assassin above international law and defying the UN who had reasonable concerns about this whole superhero business.

I’d like to hear the thoughts of others does anyone have an opinion on Captain America: Civil War?