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So I finally figured out what I want to do with my Blog and when and what I’m going to be posting!


Isn’t that exciting?

So starting from next Monday (Australian Time) I’m going to be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



On Monday’s I’ll be posting about Mindfulness and Health. For those who haven’t seen my last few posts I am currently on a journey of self-improvement and am working on improving both my mental and physical health. So my Monday posts will cover

  • My journey
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Stories of other peoples  journeys
  • Quotes



On Wednesday I’ll be posting about current events. Those events can be anything from what I’ve seen in the news or I’ve read online or an article I found and want to share, it could be about Politics or Entertainment or my professional industry (Communications) or even Gossip. But it could also be about events that are happening in my life or in the life of my family or friends (names withheld).



So on Friday I’ll be posting things I found that I want to share. This could be anything from a Youtube video or a Meme to something I found during my de-cluttering sessions like old photos or relics from my childhood. I might even post recipes or pieces of work I did during Uni that week like a handout I made or a press release I wrote. It will really be whatever is going on that week for me.

I may also post at other times if I have something to share!

So my next post will be in 5 days and counting! I hope you’re all still here by then.

take care

Sarah L.