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One of the major high points of the Comic Book Television and Movie revolution is the amount of of strong, powerful women that have made their way onto our television and movie screens and while the characters aren’t perfect and while they don’t always have the best story lines the fact that they have story lines at all is so much more than we used to have.

Women in media is a touchy subject these days some people are happy with what we have, some think that the characters aren’t strong enough and some people think that everything is so over analysed and that everyone should just kick back and enjoy.

I am of the opinion that well the women characters in the media we see are not perfect and they can be always use some more development just the same as the male characters.

Some people have accused me of supporting the fact that some female characters where barely there outfits for no other reason that to entice males readers. I held myself back from telling them that some women do actually like to wear tight clothes that show a lot of skin, these women exist why shouldn’t they be represented in media.

Why shouldn’t women who cry, who define themselves by men, who don’t like to be in relationships and why shouldn’t we show women who like to have one night stands? these women exist so why not show them in media?