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With the approaching release of Luke Cage (September 30) I decided to re-watch Jessica Jones which for those of you who follow Marvel and their various shows and movies know is when the character of Luke Cage was introduced.

I was absolutely in love with the series of Jessica Jones the first time I watched through it and even more in love with it after this most recent re-watch.

So many of the themes in Jessica Jones are ones that many of shows in mainstream culture gloss over or avoid outright in their narratives. Themes like sexual abuse and post traumatic stress, the aftermath of abuse physical mental and emotional and facing down someone who had abused you these themes are the foundation upon which the show is built.

I think it is a huge step to have a character like Jessica Jones in today’s media, she is a character who is supposed to be the hero of the story but the writers and show runners never made any secret of the fact that she is a damaged, somewhat morally grey person dealing with her PTSD by isolating herself and drinking in order to deal with the abuse she suffered at the hands of Kilgrave (aka the bad guy) and that is a refreshing view not normally seen in mainstream media.

If you haven’t seen Jessica Jones it is worth the watch but it can also be triggering for some people because of the themes involved.