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Luke Cage

The link above is one I found only because i’m on WIRED magazines mailing list. Now anyone who knows me can tell you i’m a huge nerd, HUGE nerd really so like a lot of other nerds I can’t wait for Luke Cage to be released in a few weeks (September 30). Unfortunately i’m also at uni at even if I don’t want to I can’t seem to stop myself from analyzing what it is i’m watching (which drives the people around me insane).

Now a lot of superhero media can be related back to current or plausible events like in Captain America: Winter Soldier where the bad guys data mined the internet to identify who had the potential to be a threat to them before they could become a threat. The NSA in America watch online activity to identify potential threats to national security all the time, there is the parallel between the the privacy issues of the real world and movie.

Now Luke Cage isn’t out there beating up HYDRA or fighting off an alien invasion he’s just a black man in New York City with super-strength who happens to be bullet-proof. In the political climate in america over the last few years with the Black Lives Matter movement a bullet-proof black man might just be the superhero we need in the media. Now i’m a ghost white female so I only know what I’ve seen on TV and the internet regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and I know nothing about what black people go through or the prejudice the face in their day to day lives and I wouldn’t dare to presume I could but I honestly think that the media with all it’s power needs to start working to change the attitudes of people. Media like Luke Cage and the upcoming Black Panther movie are a good first step.

PS: I’m really excited for Luke Cage if anyone wants to come fangirl with me you are definitely welcome to!